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Inside Ottawa Valley

Almonte in Concert welcomes Ensemble Made In Canada March 16

Almonte in Concert is delighted to present a unique musical experience with the talented Ensemble Made In Canada at the acoustically stellar Old Almonte Town Hall on Saturday, March 16 at 7:30 p.m.

They will perform a unique Canadian musical suite featuring 14 new works by 14 Canadian composers, inspired by regions across Canada. Commissioned by the Ensemble, esteemed composers from a wide variety of musical genres — classical, jazz, singer-songwriter, electronic, and First Nations traditions — have created a unique musical quilt, representing the many layers of Canada’s multifaceted society and artistic culture.

First heard in select cities in Ontario, Canada’s east coast, and in Iqaluit this past fall, the Mosaïque Project has been performed this January through March across Canada. At each concert, audiences are invited to create their own visual representation inspired by their individual musical experience on cards. These are then scanned, tagged, and uploaded to the Ensemble’s website:

Ensemble Made In Canada is violinist Elissa Lee, violist Sharon Wei, cellist Rachel Mercer and pianist Angela Park — all of whom are also forging outstanding individual music careers. Ludwig van Toronto called Ensemble Made in Canada’s debut recording “favourite chamber music delivered on a beautifully polished silver platter” with the works by Mozart and Brahms “revealing new layers of beauty with each listen.”

Almonte In Concert: Ensemble Made in Canada
Tickets are available online at or at Mill Street Books, 52 Mill St., Almonte (613-256-9090) for $35 for adults and $15 for students. Don’t miss this exciting event.

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