The Art of Mosaïque

Geneviève Caron / Mosaïque Composer Portraits

Digital photography | 2020 |

When we met photographer Geneviève Caron we instantly hit it off! Intrigued by the aspect of bringing 14 different composers together to create the compositions of Mosaïque, Geneviève was inspired to create this unique and stunning collection of portraits. In our opinion, this collection captures the essence of each individual composer in a very musical manner, shows the diversity of each personality in a playful way, and at the same time creates a calming sense of unity between them, injected with Geneviève’s unique style of photography. These works are a beautiful and playful homage to Mosaïque to the amazing composers involved in the project.

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Joanne Tod / Mosaïque

Oil on canvas | 2018 |

We met Canadian painter Joanne Tod and we became instant friends. During early days of Mosaïque, while it was still being composed and before it was premiered, Joanne was so inspired by the concept of the Mosaïque Project she generously offered to paint and donate 14 original paintings to help us raise much needed funds for the project. Joanne used notes, thoughts and images provided by the composers as her inspirational jumping off points for each painting and mixed in her own unmistakeable personal style, to create 14 wonderfully playful and poignant oil paintings on canvas. These paintings were auctioned at a very special party hosted by Kristine Vikmanis and Denny Creighton and helped launch the Mosaïque Project off the ground. Thank you so much!

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Kaz Ogino / Mosaïque Series

Ink and watercolour on paper | 2019 |

Kaz heard about the drawing aspect of Mosaïque, where we asked audience members to draw as they listened to the music, and she was so excited to hear this because she has been doing just that for many many years! Kaz listens to music and is inspired to draw, filling pages with flowing black lines as she listens to the concert. Afterwards, she adds the finishing touches in her studio. Kaz reached out to us, and we were delighted by her drawings and wanted to share them with you.

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