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A heartfelt thank you to Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson, PC, CC, CMM, COM, CD, for being our Honorary Patron.

It is rare to come across something as imaginative and exciting as the Mosaïque Project of the Ensemble Made In Canada. Not only is there a commissioned suite of piano quartets but the energetic group will be touring nationally until early 2020.

Their very exciting website reaches the widest audience. The musical compositions which they present to us are innovative. They reach us through our ears and our eyes.

Our vast geography excites their imagination and imbues their work. They understand that with the second largest land mass in the world, Canada as a country plays a unique role in spurring its artists’ creativity. And that creativity reflects our diversity.

Through their artistic and material challenges, Elissa Lee, Angela Park, Sharon Wei and Rachel Mercer, have triumphed artistically. The excitement they have created in the musical world about the quartet is tangible and infectious.

They are working in a different way to express their artistic vision. They are doing it in a way which challenges themselves as artists. And they challenge us as their audience.

I am thrilled to support this unique, vivid, artistic expression!

Yours sincerely,

The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson

Ensemble Made In Canada expresses its sincere appreciation to all our generous sponsors

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• Maria Gacesa and Roger Lemke
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• Virginia Atkin and Keith Ambachtsheer
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• Robert Stalker, in honour of Elizabeth “Auntie” Janet Stalker
• Kris Vikmanis and Denny Creighton

• Philip Anisman

• Virginia Atkin and Keith Ambachtsheer
• Carol and David Appel, in honour of Virginia Atkin

• Joanne Tod, for donating original paintings for auction, representing each composition
• Geneviève Caron, who created a series of portraits of all of the MOSAÏQUE composers

• Virginia Atkin and Keith Ambachstheer
• Peter Ambachstheer
• Anne-Marie Applin
• Micheline McKay
• Kris Vikmanis and Denny Creighton

• Tony Hauser Photography
• Farhad Nargol O’Neill
• Gallery 345
• Kathleen Kajioka
• Alex Olegnowicz
• Darren Sigesmund
• Graham Powell
• Andrew Downing
• Screen Images Ltd.

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