Review: John Terauds / Musical Toronto

“Ensemble Made in Canada enchants in Mozart and Brahms debut.  The impressive, elegant interpretations of piano quartets by Mozart and Johannes Brahms on Ensemble Made in Canada’s debut album is proof that DIY recording can result in big-label quality. The Mozart is balanced, clear, delicate […]

Review: David Olds / Wholenote Magazine

Mercer and Park are joined by other local young lionesses Elissa Lee (violin) and Sharon Wei (viola). The EMIC’s debut CD features the second piano quartet of Mozart and the third of Brahms in dramatic, nuanced and, where appropriate, playful performances. Produced by Scott St. John and EMIC and recorded at […]

Review: Stanley Fefferman – OpusOneReview

“Ensemble Made In Canada’s Debut CD Paced with Style and Grace …This is a bold and stylish debut for Ensemble Made In Canada. The sound of their recording in the Glenn Gould Studio co-produced by violinist Scott St. John and engineered by Ron Searles is […]

Review: Toronto Star

“CRITIC’S CHOICE: The Made in Canada piano quartet may be new, but its young members…already have excellent reputations. They mix old and new – Brahms, Dvorak and Jean Coulthard – in a very intimate setting.” — The Toronto Star