Review: The Brantford Expositor

“Quartet outstanding for opening concert..this chamber group was outstanding. They form a true ensemble, working together to present the music with not just unified playing but with one soul. This showed particularly in the grand Second Quartet by Johannes Brahms…who would have found everything about […]

Review: Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Music Society

“The Made in Canada Quartet has risen rapidly to become the premier ensemble of this kind in Canada. To their collection of great Italian instruments and individually outstanding backgrounds as performers, they add a terrific ensemble spirit that enlivens everything they do. Their previous performances […]

Review: Haliburton County Echo

“…the all-female quartet delighted audience members with a variety of new and old classical compositions…Although dainty and graceful the musicians exuded an astonishing amount of energy throughout the entire performance as fingers, arms and eyes all moved quickly and smoothly…As pieces by Mozart and Brahms […]

Review: Kelowna Daily Courier

“Made in Canada means perfection: the performers are each a virtuoso with numerous credits. Together they make a spectacular ensemble, in sync with each other in phrasing, dynamics and interpretation, maintaining a strong rhythmic pulse, as well as long melodic lines. They were a joy […]

Review:  Stanley Fefferman / OpusOneReview

Review: Stanley Fefferman / OpusOneReview

“Ensemble Made In Canada’s Debut CD Paced with Style and Grace …This is a bold and stylish debut for Ensemble Made In Canada. The sound of their recording in the Glenn Gould Studio co-produced by violinist Scott St. John and engineered by Ron Searles is […]

Review: John Terauds – Musical Toronto

Review: John Terauds – Musical Toronto

“Ensemble Made In Canada: Mozart Piano Quartet No. 2, Brahms Piano Quartet No. 3 — Crowdfunded and self-produced the 21st century way, yet performed with timeless care, this is favourite chamber music delivered on a beautifully polished silver platter. Check out my review here.” — John Terauds […]

Review: Robin Elliot – Musical Toronto

Review: Robin Elliot – Musical Toronto

After the intermission the Brahms A-major piano quartet, Op. 26, was clearly a work that EMIC has in its collective bones. In chamber music playing of such depth and refinement it would be invidious to single out individual players, so I won’t. Suffice it to say […]

Grego Edwards – Classical Modern Music Blog

Throughout there is the spice of chromatic modernism, classical developmental presence plus a neo- and post-romantic passion that come together convincingly and individually. Ensemble Made in Canada do much to communicate the excitement and depth of the music. They are a first-rate ensemble who play […]

Review: J.J. Van Vlasselaer – Ottawa Chamberfest 2014

Review: J.J. Van Vlasselaer – Ottawa Chamberfest 2014

“…une confirmation : les Made in Canada” “Mozart, produit du Canada … ce fut le “Quatuor”,  e´galement en mi be´mol majeur, exprime´ avec inte´grite´ et une belle densite´ sonore. Made In Canada presente une juste fusion sonore entre les instruments, un premier violon plein de vie, […]

Review: James Reaney – The London Free Press

“MUSIC AT WESTERN: Quartet is ensemble-in-residence this academic year” “Ensemble rooted here: Top Canadian stars, local heroes and international guests are in Western Don Wright music faculty’s 2014-2015 lineup.The award-winning Ensemble Made In Canada is this year’s Wright faculty ensemble-in-residence. The piano quartet consists of London-born […]